All The Makings

All The Makings: T-Shirt Yarn & Basket Case

In my ever lengthening quest for yarn of any size, shape, and color, I happened to stumble across what is known as “t-shirt yarn.” This yarn (also known as “tarn” in the yarn world) has gained more and more popularity because it promotes recycling something old into something brand new… much like when one becomes a new creation in God’s sight after they have believed in Him.

A nice range of colors.
A nice range of colors.

I was so excited when I found out that I could make my own yarn; at about a half of the cost of buying yarn from the store, no less! In fact, I might possibly have went to each member of my family asking if they had any old t-shirts that they didn’t use anymore 🙂 When I had gathered six or seven shirts, I proceeded to use my “trusty” source guide to the world of making t-shirt yarn: the Internet.

After perusing several how-to guides and tutorials for making t-shirt yarn (all of them somewhat unclear), I finally happened to stumble upon this wonderfully clear picture tutorial for making the yarn by ReverieAerie.

Currently, I am trying my best to make a basket to hold my yarn (I know, the irony), but since this is my first time trying to make my own basket pattern, there have been a lot of trials and errors.

It looks more like a lopsided rug than a basket.
It looks more like a lopsided rug than a basket.

It isn’t shaping up like I would like, and I am very tempted to try out this lovely Chunky Crocheted Basket Pattern from Crochet in Color to practice working with baskets before I make my own pattern:

If I do end up using the above pattern, I still intend to use the navy, grey, and white t-shirt yarn color scheme I had planned. Those colors are just soothing and calming to me. I also like the dark to light color effects.

Navy, grey, and white. I love making color schemes!
Navy, grey, and white. I love making color schemes!

Be on the lookout for my T-Shirt Yarn Pattern Roundup in the next few days!

What project would you make out of t-shirt yarn? Have you ever worked with t-shirt yarn before? Tell me below!




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