Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Chevron Patterns! (And an apology)

Hello, friends! I was unexpectedly called to stay with some extended family for a few days, and they live out in the “boonies,” so no Internet. It was a good and much needed time of reunion, however, I am sorry. Next week’s All The Makings post will include a free pattern, made out by yours truly, so be prepared for that!

On to the topic of this week’s pattern roundup: chevrons! In the past I have had trouble with the increasing and decreasing that is necessary for the chevron “look,” but thanks to the clear instructions and easy-to-read stitch diagram/chart from Moogly, I am currently halfway through my Big Bold Chevron Blanket!


I’m using a red and brown color scheme, with a repeating stripe pattern going from light brown to coffee to dark brown. I really like how it’s turning out.

10 Free Chevron Patterns

Since I’m using her pattern at the moment, I believe it’s only fitting to make Moogly’s pattern the first entry in the pattern roundup!

1. Big Bold Chevron Blanket by Moogly, on mooglyblog.com: It works up so fast, and I love how it looks!

The Big Bold Chevron Blanket: free #crochet pattern for a fun summer weight blanket! From Mooglyblog.com

2. Chevron Baby Blanket (with straight edge) by Krista, at eatknitanddiy.com: The edges and ripples are so straight! It’s a beautiful pattern.

chevron baby blanket 7

3. Chevron Infinity Scarf by Connie, at miscfinds4u: Definitely a pattern I want to try, and who doesn’t need another scarf?

Random Chevron Pattern - Free Crochet

4. Zippy Zag Zag Lapghan by Zelda, on AllFreeCrochetAfghans: What a unique design!

Zippy Zag Zag Lapghan

5. Chevron Bible Cover or Case by Katie, at Katie’s Crochet Goodies: I had to include this cute pattern, just for it’s practicality and preciousness!


6. Chevron Scarf by Elise, at Grow Creative: The simplicity and elegance of this single color scarf pattern is a natural inclusion to my roundup.

Grey Crochet Chevron Scarf

7. Tasty Little Chevron Bag by Moogly, at mooglyblog.com: Another great pattern from Moogly, who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers. Check out her blog for great patterns and tutorials!

Tasty Little Chevron Bag free pattern crochet chevron bag chevron purse zig zag

8.  Chevron Hook Case by Deb, at FitzBirch Crafts: A pretty and useful case to keep all those pesky hooks in line.

9. Chic Chevron Dishcloth by Jill, at Being Spiffy: If you have to clean, why not clean in style with this cute chevron dishcloth?


10. Chevron Coffee Cozy by Melissa, at Sadie’s Basket: A functional and personalized way to keep your fingers cool and your coffee warm!

Thanks for gathering with me! Enjoy these 10 free chevron crochet patterns, and have fun making!

Chevrons: like or dislike? Let me know why below!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Chevron Patterns! (And an apology)

  1. I love Ripple (chevron) patterns! There’s so much you can do with them and they work up really fast. I really like the color scheme you’re using for your afghan.


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