Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Bulky Scarf Patterns!

In honor of my posting my first free pattern this past Monday, I decided to base this week’s pattern roundup around those chunky and bulky scarves that seem to be all the rage nowadays. They are both fashionable and functional, keeping you chic and also toasty warm! Happy makings, friends!

scarf collection

1. Wise Oak Ribbed Scarf by Jennifer, at Fiber Flux: This woodland scarf looks perfect for the special guy in your life; not girlish, at all!

2. Universal Infinity Scarf by Abbey, at The Firefly Hook: Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the pattern, or if you’re not very familiar with crochet yet, follow along with her clear and very detailed photo tutorial.


3. Infinity Scarf by Jamey, at Dabbles and Babbles: This infinity scarf looks like the perfect accessory for the office, an autumn date, or just to wear around the house!

Crochet infinity scarf

4. Chunky Circle Scarf by Lindsi, at People Webs: Far from being drab, this gray scarf is the chic solution to keep any wardrobe classy during those cold winter months.

5. Chunky Rib Scarf by Jill, at Being Spiffy: This ribbed scarf will certainly add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe, and it won’t take long to work up!


6. Lettuce Lace Scarf, at Lion Brand: With a scarf this wide and long, it could easily double for a shawl if your arms get chilly.

Image of Lettuce Lace Scarf

7. Chunky Winter Infinity Scarf by Alisa Smith, at Ravelry: You’ll need to register for a free Ravelry account to view this pattern, but it’s totally worth it! Ravelry is one of my best friends, and it has patterns for knitters and loom knitters, as well as for crocheters.

8. Hooded Infinity Scarf by Ashley, at The Sequin Turtle: A fun accessory, this hooded scarf looks like something I need to add to my wardrobe!

9. Pavement Infinity Scarf by Jennifer, at Fiber Flux: A simple pattern design that gives you a stylish scarf perfect for any occasion.

10. Shimmer Mesh Scarf, at Michael’s: More like a shawl than a scarf, the delicate picot stitches make this wrap an elegant addition to your fall and winter wear.

That does it for this week’s pattern roundup, friends! Have fun with your new patterns, and feel free to comment and leave me a request of what patterns you want to see! I’ll do a “Weekly Gathering” on the patterns you request, and we’ll find inspiration for future projects together.

Bulky scarves or thin scarves? Which do you prefer to add to your wardrobe?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Bulky Scarf Patterns!

  1. I’m new here – but I truly appreciate this ‘weekly gathering’ of patterns…LOTS of ideas…just wish I had enough time to do all the projects I want to do!
    Thanks for your work in collecting these beautiful patterns!


    1. Thank you for your kind praise, Carol! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying my pattern collections. I truly enjoy putting them together each week, and they also give me lots of inspiration and a desire to keep improving my crochet skills. Let me know if there are any certain kinds of patterns you would like to see in one of my Weekly Gatherings; I’m always open to suggestions!


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