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All The Makings: Memory Match Pattern – Square Cards

Hello, friends! As promised in last week’s All The Makings post, I’ve decided to share the pattern I’ve created with y’all, so you too can have your very own Memory Match game! It’s really quite simple to work up, and it is a great educational toy to have around the house, especially with younger children. You can practice matching, and even pattern sequences! Hope you enjoy this series!

Memory Match Game: Square Cards 

By Lauren Lasher


[All shapes are made first, then are attached to the white cards. I’ll explain how in a later post.]

I used a black worsted weight yarn, and a smaller hook – probably a 4.25mm or a 5mm. (I’m sorry for the uncertainty; I’ll take better notes next time!)

Ch 8.

Row 1: Insert hk into 2nd ch from hk. Work 1 sc in stitch and in every stitch until end of row, turn.

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in nxt stitch and in every stitch until end of row, turn.

Rows 3-8: Repeat Row 2. Finish off in last row. Weave in ends. (Note: you can make the square shape as big as you want; this is just my pattern for it. If you make a bigger shape, however, the white card the shape is attached to will have to be made bigger, as well.)

That’s all! Really simple, and make 2. My game consists of 12 cards, with 2 cards of each shape. You can make more if you like, but I think 12 cards is big enough for a fun memory match game. Happy makings!

Memory Match Game Pattern Series:

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~I don’t mind if you use my patterns to sell items (just don’t sell the pattern itself), but I would appreciate it if you used your own pictures of what you’ve made on your website or listing. My pictures might not be very good, but they are mine! Copyright Lauren L. 2014~


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