Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 8 Free Toy & Game Patterns!

In honor of my Memory Match Game series I’m doing on All The Makings, I decided that this week’s pattern roundup would be on toys and games for the children (and adults, too!). Normally, I would post 10 free patterns for your making pleasure, but this week I was stumped. After dozens of searches and hours on Pinterest, I finally gave up, which is not something I usually do. There just aren’t that many unique crochet toys and games, which is something that I want to change in the future. I’m putting my brain gears in motion, and inspiration is stirring!

For now, however, enjoy these wonderfully unique and rather simple (for the most part) patterns for games and toys. Happy makings, friends!


1. Pan’s Amazing Flying Doily by Grandma Perkins, at Look At What I Made: Light enough to throw about in the house without breaking anything precious! [Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the pattern.]

Pan Perkins Amazing Flying Doily Frisbee Small Grandma Perkins Flying Doily Crochet Pattern

2. Tea and Cookies Party Set, at Lion Brand: What little girl doesn’t want to have tea and cookies, especially in these cute little teacups?

Tea and Cookies Party Set

3. Baby Chicks in Eggshells by RedFlame, at Red Hot Fibers: Each chick has its own color-coordinated shell! Matching game, anyone?

4. Fishing Game by Alli, at Alli Crafts: A neat idea, and it all fits into the little bag that doubles as a “pond.”

5. Amigurumi Ducks by Susie, at Susie Farmgirl: All the little ducks lined up in a row… or on top of each other! I want one… or a dozen.

6. Rainbow Nesting Bowls by Kimberly, at Seriously Daisies: Not included in today’s roundup, Kimberly also has a pattern for matching balls to sort into the bowls on her blog.

7. Tiny Crochet Cars by Dedri, at Look At What I Made: Little boys love cars, and these are just right for little hands.

Tiny Crochet Cars Crochet Pattern Lookatwhatimade Tiny Crochet Cars {Free Pattern}

8. Spin Balls by Abigail Gonzalez, at Ravelry: The spiraling colors make for a eye-catching and elaborate looking ball, which really works up quite simply.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Have fun this week making your own toys and games to play with.

What kinds of crocheted toys or games would you like to see more of? Tell me your ideas below!


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