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Doctor Whoniverse: Getting to Know…The Fourth Doctor

Hello, fellow fans (and maybe some curious guests)! It has been several weeks since I did my post and poll about your favorite Doctor, so I decided it was high time to introduce you to my 2nd favorite Doctor, according to my personal order of viewing preference! Introducing… *pause for effect*…

The Fourth Doctor!


Probably the most well-known Doctor in the Classic era, the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) had the longest stint of the earlier Doctors: seven years! From Season 12 to Season 18, the happy-go-lucky, “all teeth and curls” Fourth Doctor graced the world of Doctor Who, making him one of the most memorable Doctors of the fandom.


Known for being laid back and rather lackadaisical, the Fourth Doctor was known for being friendly to all he met, whether human or alien, often offering them a jelly-baby in a gesture of friendship. He wasn’t very technically minded as his predecessor, the Third Doctor, and his TARDIS was constantly going off course and landing in places light-years away from their original destination.


His 12-foot long scarf and wild curly mane were his signature features, belaying his sense of patchworked, hodgepodge charm. He was often underestimated by his enemies, but underneath his somewhat awkward (and sometimes foolish) exterior, he always had a plan. The Fourth Doctor encountered numerous alien enemies, including the Daleks, the Zygons, Sontarans, and even other Time Lords (among them, the Master in his second incarnation).


He always had a bit of sarcasm and snark up his sleeve, and he used it quite regularly, resulting in some of the most memorable quotes from his era, as you can see in the above picture. Yet, the Fourth Doctor was willing to help those in need, a trait that has been true of each of the Doctors.

Overall, I find his serials both amusing and engaging, except for some of his later seasons, which had thin plots and were poorly written. I enjoy him with some of his companions, and not with others. I’ll do companion pieces for each of the Doctors, so have no fear; we’ll get to the companions eventually! The next Doctor in my viewing order may come as a surprise, so watch out…

Have you seen any Fourth Doctor serials? If so, do you like him, or do you find him unwatchable? Let me know in the comments below!


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