Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Animal Amigurumi Crochet Patterns!

My inspiration for my Weekly Gathering posts come from all different sources. Sometimes, I am inspired by patterns I post earlier in the week on All The Makings, or perhaps I just want to make up a collection of just bulky scarves or just using a certain kind of yarn. This week, however, I decided to ask my little sister (who is a high school sophomore this year!) what kind of crochet patterns she might want to see. She immediately replied, “Amigurumi.”

So this week, my friends, it’s all about (mostly) animal amigurumi! Hope you enjoy these cute and cuddly friends!

10 Animal Amigurumi

1. Rupert the Rhinoceros by Annette Bak and Dedri, at Look At What I Made: Isn’t he just the cutest rhino you’ve ever seen? (Plus the photo-tutorial is so easy to follow!)


2. Mr. Snowman by Jenny, at Crafteando: This pattern is available in English and Spanish; just scroll down for the English pattern. I love snow and this dapper snowman makes my day! 🙂

3. Fox Ornament, at Red Heart: My little sister is big on foxes, and she gives this little guy a hearty thumbs-up!

Fox Ornament

4. Little Bigfoot Lion by Sharon Ojala & Melissa Trenado, at Amigurumi To Go: This king of the jungle looks like he could be the king of your heart with that smile and big eyes.

Little Bigfoot Lion: fp amigu5

5. Genghis the Eagle by Grace, at The Smiling Robot: This bald eagle would be a great addition to anyone’s collection. He looks so wise, doesn’t he?

6. Amigurumi Personality Cats by Laura, at AboutGoodness: There is not only one cat pattern but four for you to choose from, depending on what personality you want your cat to have! What a nifty idea!

crochet cats toys tutorial

7. Fox Amigurumi by Nimoe, at Nimoe’s Blog: You can’t have too many foxes, in my opinion. Can he come home with me?


8. Dudley the Moose by Snuggleme Stitches, at Ravelry: I flipped when I saw this moose! They are my absolute favorite of all the animals, and I have a notion that this cute guy is going to be made soon…

9. Snoopy by Bethany, at Bethsco: I actually made a Snoopy from this pattern about a year or two ago for my Dad’s Christmas present! He turned out really great, and who doesn’t love Snoopy? She also has a pattern for Woodstock, too!

10. Meimei the Baby Elephant by Dedri, at Look At What I Made: I couldn’t resist this baby elephant! She looks like she would be a good friend to your little girls and boys.

Mei Mei Crochet Elephant 298x300 Meimei:  Free Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

And that wraps it up for this week’s pattern roundup, friends! Happy makings!

Have you ever tried amigurumi? Like it or hate it? Tell me about it!


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