Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 8 Free Patterns for the Starry-Eyed Crocheter!

Hello, hello, dear friends! Sorry for the late-ish Weekly Gathering post, but my college classes started this week, and I’ve been working on homework and getting back into a routine. I’m pretty excited about this week’s roundup because I love the night and the stars. One of my favorite things to do is walk outside after dark and just gaze at the glowing stars dotted across the midnight blue sky (I’m a writer, if you can’t tell!). Hope you enjoy these starry patterns!

8 Free Star Crochet Patterns

1. Little Star Dishcloth/Washcloth by Ann, at Bella Crochet: What a neat idea! I would definitely make some of these and use them in my bathroom for washcloths!

2. Star Ornament by ChiWei, at One Dog Woof: Need a few more ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree this year? Whip up a few of these stars and give your tree a little facelift!

Crochet Star pattern for an ornament. www.1dogwoof.com

3. Star Blanket, at Yarnspirations: What better way to be reminded of the starry skies than to be wrapped up in a star-shaped blanket?

Star Blanket

4. Granny Star by Zelna, at Zooty Owl: I love her use of different colors in creating these stars. So pretty!

crochet stars

5. Christmas Decoration Star by Alex, at The New Crochet: I have never actually thought of using sewing thread with my yarn before, but I love the effect! Putting this star on my to-make list…

6. Flower Star Hot Pad by FreeCraft Unlimited, at Ravelry: Although it is actually a flower, this hot pad looks like a star. The thick texture would make it a wonderful trivet, as well.


7. Starstuff Cowl by Moogly, at mooglyblog.com: This cowl is perfect for those who want to be continuously among the stars. Another lovely pattern from Moogly!

Starstuff Cowl - free #crochet pattern from Mooglyblog.com!

8. Teeny Tiny Crochet Stars by Sarah, at Repeat Crafter Me: For those last little bits of yarn that you just can’t stand to leave unused, why not make a few of these tiny stars? The possibilities for these little stars are endless!

Happy makings! Take a little time tonight to stargaze, “when the evening is spread out against the sky.” (Part of a quote from T.S. Eliot)

Would you make any of these patterns? Do you like making more complex  shapes or do you prefer simpler shapes?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Gathering: 8 Free Patterns for the Starry-Eyed Crocheter!

    1. Hi, Sharon! I found the new link for the baby blanket, so you should be able to click on the pink words that say “Star Blanket,” and you’ll be taken to where the free pattern is located. If you do the same for the scarf, you’ll be taken to its free pattern, as well. Hope this helps! 🙂 Thanks for reading.


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