Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Garland Patterns For Any Occasion!

Hello, friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend; this week seemed to drag on and on. I’m also really excited to be posting my newest crochet pattern for y’all on next week’s All The Makings! 😀 Hint: it’s blue and very cozy.

I am not one for decorating. My idea of decoration is perhaps hanging up one framed picture or a bulletin board with mementos tacked to it. When I was racking my brain for ideas for this week’s pattern roundup, I was thinking about home decor and garlands came to mind. Garlands (or bunting) are a really neat and colorful way to add a little bit of decoration to an otherwise empty space, like a wall or a window. So I hope these 10 patterns will inspire you to add a little bit of handmade charm to your home!

10 Free Garland Patterns

1. Acorns & Oak Leaves by Jelly Designs, at Ravelry: Available as a free Ravelry download, these oak leaves and their acorn partners bring autumn out of the yard and into the house. I absolutely love the purple and green color combination!

2. Polka Dot Garland by Lively Crochet: As a college student, my first thought when I saw this garland was that it would be perfect for a dorm room! In a small space, this dots of color would go a long way in making your space look bright and cheery.

3. Snowflake Garland by Nancy Anderson, at Red Heart: I love anything to do with the season of winter, but snowflakes and snow are my most favorite things about the cold weather. I’ll be making some of these beautiful snowflakes!

Snowflake Garland

4. Tropical Pineapple Bunting by By Hand London: Like anything tropical? This pineapple garland brings a hint of that tropical feel to your home. [Note: all the crochet terms used in this pattern are UK terms, so check out this handy US/UK conversion chart at Knot Sew Cute!]

5. String of Hearts by Maggie Weldon, at Best Free Crochet: These dainty hearts will add sweet charm wherever you hang them!
6. Perfect Party Pennant Garland by Moogly: I love the idea of using this garland for a child’s bedroom or a living room. Moogly also has a complete crochet alphabet pattern, too.
Perfect Party Pennant Garlands - free #crochet pattern
7. Pumpkin Garland by Stacia, at Night Weather: As fall approaches, I’m beginning to dream of pumpkin pies and Jack O’Lanterns. Put a little fall into your decor with this cute pumpkin garland!
8. Summer Flower Bunting by Susan Carlson, at Felted Button: The simple elegance of these flowers is so refreshing, giving the garland a clean yet still colorful look.
9. Sea Shell Motifs/Garland by Lynne Samaan, at Ravelry: Missing the beach? Well, now you can bring the beach to you with this beach-y garland! I like the sand dollar motif.
10. A Garland of Stars by Ellen Bloom, at L.A. Is My Beat: These stars are so easy to make! I love all the different colors she used for her stars.
So many different designs to choose from, according to your personal style or preference! Have fun, and happy makings, friends!
What is your favorite way to use your crochet creations to decorate your home?

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