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Heartspeak: On Family & Loving One Another

When I was away at college, I tried to prepare myself for the homesickness that everyone said would come. Well, it came alright. Right after my Mom and Dad and Little Brother and Little Sister left my dorm room, got in their car, and drove 3 hours back to the house I no longer occupied. I sat down on my bed, crying softly so I didn’t make my suitemate come bursting through the adjoining bathroom door, asking me what the matter was. After a while, I got up, straightened and put away the rest of my things. I knew that this was a new chapter in my life as an adult, living in a dorm, making my own decisions, and having that “college experience” that everyone spoke of so fondly.

I visited home every two weeks for the first and only semester that I lived in that college dorm.

My family was my comfort zone. They were the people who I knew inside and out, all their little quirks and idiosyncrasies. They were a-ok, as my college roomie (one of my dearest friends) would say. Sure, I still made lots of great friends, had a few interesting experiences (late night breakfast the day before final exams), and learned a lot about myself that semester, but my family were the ones who helped me to stick it out for one whole semester away at college.

Some people might wonder why I love my family like I do.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I don’t quite know why myself.

I suppose a lot of our love for each other comes from actually being together long enough to get to know one another and build memories together. While we lived overseas, we were pretty much some of the only friends each other had. At the end of a long day speaking and thinking in another language, we enjoyed coming back together and talking in English. Slowly, our family no longer was just a group of people all stuck together by the same blood; we became a single unit, and that’s how we like it.

All of us kids are getting older, and even now, I feel the tugging of being drawn to serve in other places and live my life with the Lord. For now, however I’m content to be at home now while I’m finishing up my degree. Every day, I keep learning more about adulthood from Mom and Dad, and my brother and sister keep on amazing me with their growing maturity and thoughts about life. Boy, I just can’t thank the Father enough for the family he gave me.

We’ve been through quite a lot. Seen a lot of things. And I couldn’t have asked for a better family to share my life with than the four people that never fail to make me laugh and see life in entirely new perspectives.


Recent family adventure to Colorado.
Recent family adventure to Colorado.

P.S. So sorry that I didn’t get out a Weekly Gathering this week! Homework and allergies (I hate ragweed!) caught me off guard. It’ll be up next week, I promise! 🙂


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