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All The Makings: Container Challenge Accepted!

Hello, dear friends! I hope this Monday has been going well for you; it has been for me, despite the ragweed currently making my eyes water and itch. I can’t believe that September is already half over! *starts frantically counting the weeks left to finish making Christmas presents* Only 16 and a half weeks… and so far, no gifts have been made. I need to get on that.

I suscribe to lots of fellow crocheters on Facebook, and at the beginning of September, I kept seeing all these shares about a crochet challenge that Red Heart Yarn is sponsoring for the month of September. I read up on the challenge, and decided to do it using what Red Heart yarn I had left in my stash, which is decreasing little by little.

Want to take the challenge yourself? You can read all about the Basket Weave Container Challenge here!


I have made decent headway with my container. Currently, I am just about to start doing the basket weave stitch, and I really love the way my Red Heart Fiesta in black & gold looks with my soft red Red Heart Super Saver. I am so happy that I finally found a great pattern to showcase the Fiesta yarn; it’s so bold that it needs to stand out, but I like mixing colors, so I threw in a little red yarn to complement it.


I can’t wait to finish it up! Rest assured, I’ll post pictures when I do. In the meantime, get cracking on those containers! (Or check out some of my Weekly Gathering pattern roundups for some more crochet inspiration and free patterns!)

Ever tried the basket weave stitch before? I haven’t, so this may be a first time for both of us if you decide to try crocheting a container of your own!


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