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All The Makings: Container Completed!

Hello, all! I just accomplished my first crochet challenge ever, and I am so very excited! It was a great project overall, although I accidentally made a small blunder in my yarn choice. This basket is made using the basket weave stitch, but it is hard to tell because my yarn colors are so bold. Oh, well. [You can find the pattern for this basket on my last All The Makings post here.]


I like the sturdiness, and I know the handles look rather thin, but by the time I was ready to make the handles, I was ready just to finish it! I’m thinking of designating this basket as my “WIP” basket, which translates to “work-in-progress,” for those of you unfamiliar with craft lingo. 🙂

close up of basket2014

I might even make the letters “WIP” to put on the side; that would be a neat addition, I think. As Christmas gets nearer and nearer, I’m trying to put together a list of what gifts I’ll be making for my family, so my next project will probably be one of those. I can’t say what that might be right at the moment, as I know my family reads this blog, and I want them to be surprised!

(I’m actually halfway participating in the Mystery Adventure Scarf KAL & CAL over at Yarnspirations; I say halfway because I’m not actually using Caron yarn, and I haven’t been closely following the clues. Crochet rebel, right here. It is fun, though, and you should get started, too, if you’re feeling ambitious!)

Hope y’all have a great week; be on the lookout for this week’s Weekly Gathering and possibly a Doctor Who post, too!

Have you ever done a crochet challenge? Would you like to? Tell me about it!


2 thoughts on “All The Makings: Container Completed!

  1. Love your WIP basket….question: most patterns I’ve seen for these call for two strands of yarn….if I use a bulky yarn, do you think one strand would be okay? would it have enough body?
    I really don’t like working with two strands..find it bogs me down -and if I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, I go slow and may even give up on it (proven by my small (at the moment) stack of unfinished projects!)
    I’m a bit of a crochet rebel at times, too…more so as I gain confidence and ability…but hey! that’s not being a rebel, it’s being ‘creative’, right?


    1. Thanks, Carol! I know what you mean about using two strands; that is the main reason why it took me longer to finish this basket. It is hard on the wrists, and I just couldn’t work on this basket for long periods of time.
      Hmm… From my experience, bulky yarn is often softer than the worsted weight yarn (like the Red Heart I used), but I did a little research and it is generally noted that two strands of the worsted weight (#4) will equal one strand of super bulky (#6 on the yarn label). I hope this helps! Give it a try.
      P.S. I’m a bit of a crochet rebel, myself. 🙂


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