Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 10 Dorm Room Essentials!

Hello, friends! I hope your week is going well and is filled with lots of makings! This week’s pattern collection is one that I have been wanting to put together for a while now, and I am so pleased to share it with you. This collection of free crochet patterns has been put together based on my first-hand dorm experience, and each one of these items were or would have been very useful to have! Something about handmade items just makes a dorm room feel more cozy and homey, in my opinion.

On with the show!

10 Dorm Room Essentials!

1. Cat Schoolbag by Sayjai, at K and J Dolls: Pencil cases are so handy to have when you’re rushing off to class! She also has a pencil case variation with flowers, if you don’t like cats. (But how can you resist such a cute face?)

2. Women’s Loafer Slippers by Bethany, at Whistle & Ivy: If you don’t want to freeze your toes on cold floors, slippers are your best friend!


3. Mug Cozy by Lisa, at Bubblegirl: Mugs are in high demand when you’re hanging out with the girls. A cute cozy like this one will help to distinguish between mugs!


4. Dorm Organizer Square Baskets, at AllFreeCrochet: Storage, storage, storage! In a small space, anything that is both small and practical is necessary. Work up these baskets in neutral or vibrant colors, according to your preference!

Dorm Organizer Square Baskets

5. Rainbow Days Afghan, at PurpleKitty Yarns: This afghan is great to work through your yarn stash, while also giving you a lot of color to cheer up your room!

6. Canyon Shrug, at Lion Brand: When you’re at the mercy of a roommate who likes to pretend that your room is Alaska in the dead of winter (note: my roommate loved hot weather, so this didn’t apply to me!), a nice cozy shrug is perfect to keep warm.

Image of Canyon Shrug

7. Dorm Room Throw Rug, at Better Homes and Gardens: I had a crocheted rug that I had made that sat right in front of my bed. Every time I saw it, I was reminded of home!

8. Colorful Throw Pillows by Bobbi Anderson, at Red Heart: Pillows of any sort are a must-have when it comes to movie nights or sleepovers when your friends come to visit!

Colorful Throw Pillows

10. Reusable Crochet Face Scrubbies by Jamey, at Dabbles & Babbles: At the end of a long day of classes, homework, and friends, it’s nice to be able to relax, slip on your pajamas, and wash your face before bed. Big plus: these are so easy to make!

Reusable Crochet Face Pads

That’s all for this collection, friends. Happy makings!

Any requests for pattern collections? What would you like to see on my Weekly Gathering?


Leave me a comment! I love hearing from readers, and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

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