Weekly Gathering: Free Crochet Patterns Roundup

Weekly Gathering: 20 Handcozy Patterns for the Whole Family!

Sorry for the prolonged absence; I spent the weekend with friends in another state, and I didn’t get around to posting this crochet pattern collection last week before I left. Today, my fingers are frozen (we have a very drafty old house with single-pane windows), so perhaps I need to pick out one of these “handcozy” patterns for myself! FYI: I just made up the term “handcozy;” it just means “gloves, mittens, muffs, fingerless gloves, and basically anything that covers the bulk of your hand.” Aren’t words fun?

20 Handcozy Crochet Patterns for the Whole Family!


1. 80’s Fishnet Gloves by Bethany, at Whistle & Ivy: Looking for a light and lacy fingerless gloves pattern for the spring, summer, or fall? Make these vibrant gloves to go with a Halloween costume or in a solid color for everyday use!

80’s Fishnet Gloves: fp handcozies1

2. Fair Lady Gloves, at Free Vintage Crochet: Made using size 50 crochet thread, these delicate gloves would add a touch of femininity and old-world charm to any modern-day outfit.

Fair Lady Gloves Pattern

3. Bella Bricks Wristers/Wrist Warmers by The Stitchin’ Mommy, at My Hobby Is Crochet: I love the stripes on these wristers!

4. Mrs. Murdock’s Mittens by Brenda K.B. Anderson, at CrochetMe: These warm and simple mittens can be made in three different sizes: preschool, older kids, and women.

Crochet Mittens - Mrs. Murdock's Mittens

5. Gauntlet Style Fingerless Gloves by Nichole Verville, at Ravelry: Feeling a bit medieval? These gloves are the perfect addition to any medieval costume, or just as a casual throwback to the knights and ladies of yore.

Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves: fp handcozies4

6. Two Tone Baby Mittens by Sara, at Tangled Happy: Never lose your baby’s mittens in the shuffle with these clever two tone mittens! Christmas presents, anyone?

7. Fingerless Gloves With a Bow by DearBitsy: For that one in your life who loves bows and wristers, why not consider making this cute pair of gloves?

8. Men’s Afghan Stitch Gloves, at Free Vintage Crochet: Guys need warm hands, too! (They just might not say that out loud sometimes.)

9. Key Tab Fingerless Gloves by Elisabeth Spivey, at Calleigh’s Clips & Crochet Creations: What a unique stitch pattern! They look so soft and warm… (my hands are still freezing!)

10. Holiday Mittens, at Lion Brand: With pattern sizes ranging from toddler to adult large, you can make up a cozy pair of mittens for the whole family!

Image of Holiday Mittens

11. Ruffled Muff by DesignsByKN: This muff conjures up the paintings on those old holiday postcards of the women in long skirts ice skating with their hands all snug in a muff just like this. What fun!

ruffled muff: fp handcozies16

12. Owl Mittens by Janette, at The Green Dragonfly: Definitely the cutest fingerless gloves I’ve ever seen! Who-oo do you think would like a pair?

owl mittens

13. Moroccan Midnight Fingerless Mitts by Tamara Kelly, at Moogly: As always, any of Moogly’s patterns are great! I love the stained-glass effect these mitts have.

Moroccan Midnight Fingerless Mitts - free #crochet pattern on Moogly! Be sure to check out the matching hat and cowl!

14. Baby Mittens by Kelly Kearney, at Bella Bambina Knits: These precious little mittens will keep your little one’s hands nice and warm, and they also have a handy tie to keep them from coming off so easily.

15. Shell Wrist Warmers by Emma, at Lulu Loves: These lovely, colorful wrist warmers are written using UK crochet terms, so substitute the US terms, if needed! Aren’t they so pretty?

Shell Stitch Wrist Warmers: fp handcozies12

16. DROPS Gloves with a Wavy Border, at Garn Studio: Has pattern written with both US and UK crochet terms (I am linking to the US version). I feel like going to a tea after seeing these gloves… they look so warm, too!

17. Men’s Sideways Gloves by Rose Powell, at Ravelry: I love the stripes, and I could see my dad or my brother definitely wearing gloves like these.

18. Kitty Paws Mittens by Joy, at The Craft Frog: For the mittens pattern, just scroll down the page a ways, and there it will be! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, make up the matching hat, too!


19. Adeline Fingerless Mitts/Arm Warmers by Crochet Dreamz: I love the faux cables on these mitts! I need to start doing some more cables…

20. Houndstooth Gloves or Fingerless Gloves by Maria Bittner, at Pattern Paradise: With the option to make either gloves or fingerless gloves, these stylish houndstooth gloves are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe!

Hope y’all enjoyed today’s pattern collection! Happy makings, and let me know what you’re making this week in the comments!

Ever made gloves before? A little nervous or really excited? Let me know!


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