Weekly Gathering: 20 Handcozy Patterns for the Whole Family!

Sorry for the prolonged absence; I spent the weekend with friends in another state, and I didn’t get around to posting this crochet pattern collection last week before I left. Today, my fingers are frozen (we have a very drafty old house with single-pane windows), so perhaps I need to pick out one of these “handcozy” patterns for myself! FYI: I just made up the term “handcozy;” it just means “gloves, mittens, muffs, fingerless gloves, and basically anything that covers the bulk of your hand.” Aren’t words fun?

20 Handcozy Crochet Patterns for the Whole Family!


1. 80’s Fishnet Gloves by Bethany, at Whistle & Ivy: Looking for a light and lacy fingerless gloves pattern for the spring, summer, or fall? Make these vibrant gloves to go with a Halloween costume or in a solid color for everyday use!

80’s Fishnet Gloves: fp handcozies1

2. Fair Lady Gloves, at Free Vintage Crochet: Made using size 50 crochet thread, these delicate gloves would add a touch of femininity and old-world charm to any modern-day outfit.

Fair Lady Gloves Pattern

3. Bella Bricks Wristers/Wrist Warmers by The Stitchin’ Mommy, at My Hobby Is Crochet: I love the stripes on these wristers!

4. Mrs. Murdock’s Mittens by Brenda K.B. Anderson, at CrochetMe: These warm and simple mittens can be made in three different sizes: preschool, older kids, and women.

Crochet Mittens - Mrs. Murdock's Mittens

5. Gauntlet Style Fingerless Gloves by Nichole Verville, at Ravelry: Feeling a bit medieval? These gloves are the perfect addition to any medieval costume, or just as a casual throwback to the knights and ladies of yore.

Gauntlet Fingerless Gloves: fp handcozies4

6. Two Tone Baby Mittens by Sara, at Tangled Happy: Never lose your baby’s mittens in the shuffle with these clever two tone mittens! Christmas presents, anyone?

7. Fingerless Gloves With a Bow by DearBitsy: For that one in your life who loves bows and wristers, why not consider making this cute pair of gloves?

8. Men’s Afghan Stitch Gloves, at Free Vintage Crochet: Guys need warm hands, too! (They just might not say that out loud sometimes.)

9. Key Tab Fingerless Gloves by Elisabeth Spivey, at Calleigh’s Clips & Crochet Creations: What a unique stitch pattern! They look so soft and warm… (my hands are still freezing!)

10. Holiday Mittens, at Lion Brand: With pattern sizes ranging from toddler to adult large, you can make up a cozy pair of mittens for the whole family!

Image of Holiday Mittens

11. Ruffled Muff by DesignsByKN: This muff conjures up the paintings on those old holiday postcards of the women in long skirts ice skating with their hands all snug in a muff just like this. What fun!

ruffled muff: fp handcozies16

12. Owl Mittens by Janette, at The Green Dragonfly: Definitely the cutest fingerless gloves I’ve ever seen! Who-oo do you think would like a pair?

owl mittens

13. Moroccan Midnight Fingerless Mitts by Tamara Kelly, at Moogly: As always, any of Moogly’s patterns are great! I love the stained-glass effect these mitts have.

Moroccan Midnight Fingerless Mitts - free #crochet pattern on Moogly! Be sure to check out the matching hat and cowl!

14. Baby Mittens by Kelly Kearney, at Bella Bambina Knits: These precious little mittens will keep your little one’s hands nice and warm, and they also have a handy tie to keep them from coming off so easily.

15. Shell Wrist Warmers by Emma, at Lulu Loves: These lovely, colorful wrist warmers are written using UK crochet terms, so substitute the US terms, if needed! Aren’t they so pretty?

Shell Stitch Wrist Warmers: fp handcozies12

16. DROPS Gloves with a Wavy Border, at Garn Studio: Has pattern written with both US and UK crochet terms (I am linking to the US version). I feel like going to a tea after seeing these gloves… they look so warm, too!

17. Men’s Sideways Gloves by Rose Powell, at Ravelry: I love the stripes, and I could see my dad or my brother definitely wearing gloves like these.

18. Kitty Paws Mittens by Joy, at The Craft Frog: For the mittens pattern, just scroll down the page a ways, and there it will be! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, make up the matching hat, too!


19. Adeline Fingerless Mitts/Arm Warmers by Crochet Dreamz: I love the faux cables on these mitts! I need to start doing some more cables…

20. Houndstooth Gloves or Fingerless Gloves by Maria Bittner, at Pattern Paradise: With the option to make either gloves or fingerless gloves, these stylish houndstooth gloves are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe!

Hope y’all enjoyed today’s pattern collection! Happy makings, and let me know what you’re making this week in the comments!

Ever made gloves before? A little nervous or really excited? Let me know!


Weekly Gathering: 10 Simply Striped Afghan Patterns!

Hello, friends, and what a week it’s been! Between missing a day of classes because of illness, and working on several projects simultaneously (crochet and schoolwork), the week has flown by without a post from me, much to my chagrin. However, that will soon be rectified with today’s pattern roundup and the addition of new free pattern using some lovely, soft chenille yarn! (Isn’t that a fun word? Chenille.)

Since Autumn has graced my Northern friends with cool weather and even snow (I’m looking at you, Ohio!), afghans are great to cozy up in and also use up stash yarn. So, without further ado, here’s my collection of Simply Striped Crochet Afghans to inspire and get those hooks moving!

10 Simply Striped Afghans

1. Color Block Afghan by Cara, at caracory.com: Definitely a great project for stashbusting! Think of all the colors…

2. Bias Stripes Afghan, at Yarnspirations: Worked from corner to corner, the stripes are made up of rows of little squares. Personally, I like the colors used here, but pick your colors to suit your taste (or whatever is on hand!).

Bias Stripes Afghan

3. Dots & Dashes Throw by Darla Fanton, at Red Heart: I love the soothing color palette in this afghan!

Dots & Dashes Crochet Throw

4. Herringbone Stripe Afghan by Bernat, at AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns: Ooh! Here’s your chance to try out the herringbone stitch; it’s lots of fun!

Herringbone Stripe Afghan

5. Loopy Love Blanket by Tamara Kelly, at Moogly: If you haven’t checked out this great treasure trove of patterns and pattern collections, then you should put that on your To-Do list right away! This blanket can also be made in 7(!) different sizes, according to your preferences!

Loopy Love Blanket - a free #crochet pattern in a variety of sizes!

6. Fall Striped Afghan by Rhelena, at CrochetN’Crafts: This afghan conjures up long walks through golden leaves and hot apple cider by a fireplace.


7. Granny Stripe Blanket, at The Purl Bee: A traditional pattern with a modern twist, this stylish afghan is great for showing off that minimalist vibe.

8. The Afghan Striped, at Lion Brand: The more stripes and colors, the better, when it comes to this playful and vibrant afghan!


9. Aunt Dot’s Afghan by Carol, at Wolf Crochet: Somehow, this particular afghan seems more feminine to me; perhaps because of the ruffled edging or the beautiful color contrast. I’d put it in my living room!

Aunt Dot's Afghan

10. Warming Stripes Throw by Glenda Winkleman, at Ravelry: I love everything about this afghan, including the fringe (which is strange because normally I hate fringe).

Hope you enjoyed this week’s pattern collection! If you’re interested, you can follow me on Twitter or like my page on Facebook now! Just look for the icons at the top of my blog’s homepage. Happy makings, friends!

What are you making this week?


Weekly Gathering: 10 Dorm Room Essentials!

Hello, friends! I hope your week is going well and is filled with lots of makings! This week’s pattern collection is one that I have been wanting to put together for a while now, and I am so pleased to share it with you. This collection of free crochet patterns has been put together based on my first-hand dorm experience, and each one of these items were or would have been very useful to have! Something about handmade items just makes a dorm room feel more cozy and homey, in my opinion.

On with the show!

10 Dorm Room Essentials!

1. Cat Schoolbag by Sayjai, at K and J Dolls: Pencil cases are so handy to have when you’re rushing off to class! She also has a pencil case variation with flowers, if you don’t like cats. (But how can you resist such a cute face?)

2. Women’s Loafer Slippers by Bethany, at Whistle & Ivy: If you don’t want to freeze your toes on cold floors, slippers are your best friend!


3. Mug Cozy by Lisa, at Bubblegirl: Mugs are in high demand when you’re hanging out with the girls. A cute cozy like this one will help to distinguish between mugs!


4. Dorm Organizer Square Baskets, at AllFreeCrochet: Storage, storage, storage! In a small space, anything that is both small and practical is necessary. Work up these baskets in neutral or vibrant colors, according to your preference!

Dorm Organizer Square Baskets

5. Rainbow Days Afghan, at PurpleKitty Yarns: This afghan is great to work through your yarn stash, while also giving you a lot of color to cheer up your room!

6. Canyon Shrug, at Lion Brand: When you’re at the mercy of a roommate who likes to pretend that your room is Alaska in the dead of winter (note: my roommate loved hot weather, so this didn’t apply to me!), a nice cozy shrug is perfect to keep warm.

Image of Canyon Shrug

7. Dorm Room Throw Rug, at Better Homes and Gardens: I had a crocheted rug that I had made that sat right in front of my bed. Every time I saw it, I was reminded of home!

8. Colorful Throw Pillows by Bobbi Anderson, at Red Heart: Pillows of any sort are a must-have when it comes to movie nights or sleepovers when your friends come to visit!

Colorful Throw Pillows

10. Reusable Crochet Face Scrubbies by Jamey, at Dabbles & Babbles: At the end of a long day of classes, homework, and friends, it’s nice to be able to relax, slip on your pajamas, and wash your face before bed. Big plus: these are so easy to make!

Reusable Crochet Face Pads

That’s all for this collection, friends. Happy makings!

Any requests for pattern collections? What would you like to see on my Weekly Gathering?


Weekly Gathering: 6 Free Crochet Pouch Patterns!

Hello! As you can see from the lack of blog posts this week, I have been quite busy. I hate it when I can’t get my posts out like I should, so thank you for your patience! (And for not boycotting me for missing blog posts – that’s always nice.) This week, I decided to make pouches my focus, and for good reason: loose change.

In my world of college vending machines and printing fees, I need all the change I can get, but if I just put it in my wallet, it falls out into my purse or on the ground. A pouch is a great way to keep that loose change from escaping into the dark depths of a purse, or even to keep other little items in a nice, safe place where they hopefully won’t mysteriously disappear. So, without further ado, here are 6 free pouch patterns just for you!

6 Free Crochet Pouches!

1. Simple Pencil Pouch by Linda, at Craftaholics Anonymous: Isn’t this pouch just perfect? You can make it with stripes or in a solid color; great for pencils or other items!

crochet pencil pouch

2. Little Pouch by Elisabeth Andrée, at About Crochet: Drawstring pouches are the best. The end.

little pouch by elisabeth andrée

3. Hundred Yen Pouch by Melissa, at Inner Child Crochet: I’m not the only one who needs a pouch to carry their loose change! No matter your currency, this pouch will do the trick.

Hundred Yen Pouch by Melissa Mall

4. Travel Tissue Holder by Yenny Gunawan, at CraftAndMe: As someone who lived in a place where you had to carry your own tissues and even toilet paper, this is the perfect pouch to have with you anytime.

5. Bonbon Kisses Pouch by Moogly: The colors are so vibrant and fun! This pattern also has a full video tutorial for those that have trouble with reading written patterns. (I want to eat some candy now.)

Bonbon Kisses Crochet Pouch! Free #crochet pattern from Mooglyblog.com

6. Key Ring Pouch by Kathleen Sams, at Red Heart: What a cool idea! I never thought about having a pouch on my key ring, but it would be great to hold chapstick or a few dollars.

Key Ring Pouch

Hope y’all enjoyed this week’s pattern roundup! Happy makings!


Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Crochet Vest Patterns To Suit Your Style!

I’m on time this week, friends! Happiness abounds. I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe would not be complete without a vest (or two or four). They are the perfect accessory to practically any outfit in my book, and I’m always on the lookout for new vests in different styles and colors. One day, I will get around to actually making a piece of crocheted clothing, and when I do, you can bet that it will probably be a vest.

I never knew there were so many crocheted vests out there! These are just a sampling of the neat patterns that I came across, so I hope you enjoy them. Happy makings!

10 Free Crochet Vest Patterns

1. Fan Waistcoat, at DROPS Design: Anything light and airy seems to magically find a way into my closet, so I have a feeling this delicate vest would, too! Also available in UK terms.

2. Stunning Vest by Kimberly McAlindin, at Red Heart: I never thought about using a bow as a vest closure. What a neat idea!

Stunning Vest

3. Unique Shell Vest by Lorene Eppolite, at AllFreeCrochet: If you haven’t visited Lorene Eppolite’s Web-home (Cre8tion Crochet), you should as soon as possible! She designs gorgeous patterns, and I am very pleased to include her vest in my pattern roundup.

Unique Shell Vest

4. 60’s Style Vest, at Free Vintage Crochet: My style in clothes ranges from classic to feminine to vintage, and this vest has the kind of vintage flair that I enjoy.

5. Elliot by Maureen Basher, at Berroco: I have never seen a vest like this, ever. It is so cool! A perfect fit for someone with a flair for modern or tailored clothing.

6. Two-Tone Vest, at Yarnspirations: This is the vest that inspired me to make this pattern collection! The motif, the stripes, the style, everything about this vest embodies something that I love about crochet: anything you create can be a reflection of your personality.

7. Loop-Cable Vest by Kristin Omdahl, at Red Heart: Cables; I’m a sucker for cables on vests. A lovely vest that can complement any style!

Crochet Loop-Cable Vest

8. Medallion Vest, at Grandmother’s Pattern Book: Anything to do with vintage crochet, I’m there. The combination of stripes and circles is a fun design, and you’d be the center of attention when you put on this vest!

9. Rococo Waistcoat by Jane Howorth, at Willow Yarns: Simple, stylish, and great for any time of the year, this pretty vest is sure to become a favorite.

10. Lovely Lace Vest by Kimberly McAlindin, at AllFreeCrochet: Purple is one of my favorite colors, and this vest has a delicate, feminine quality that I love.

I want to make a vest now, but if you know anything about my crochet method, that would be a little much at the moment. Anyway, I hope that y’all enjoyed this week’s Weekly Gathering, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to get a little crochet inspiration!

If you were going to make a vest, what color(s) would you use? Stripes, motifs, or something entirely unique?


Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Garland Patterns For Any Occasion!

Hello, friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend; this week seemed to drag on and on. I’m also really excited to be posting my newest crochet pattern for y’all on next week’s All The Makings! 😀 Hint: it’s blue and very cozy.

I am not one for decorating. My idea of decoration is perhaps hanging up one framed picture or a bulletin board with mementos tacked to it. When I was racking my brain for ideas for this week’s pattern roundup, I was thinking about home decor and garlands came to mind. Garlands (or bunting) are a really neat and colorful way to add a little bit of decoration to an otherwise empty space, like a wall or a window. So I hope these 10 patterns will inspire you to add a little bit of handmade charm to your home!

10 Free Garland Patterns

1. Acorns & Oak Leaves by Jelly Designs, at Ravelry: Available as a free Ravelry download, these oak leaves and their acorn partners bring autumn out of the yard and into the house. I absolutely love the purple and green color combination!

2. Polka Dot Garland by Lively Crochet: As a college student, my first thought when I saw this garland was that it would be perfect for a dorm room! In a small space, this dots of color would go a long way in making your space look bright and cheery.

3. Snowflake Garland by Nancy Anderson, at Red Heart: I love anything to do with the season of winter, but snowflakes and snow are my most favorite things about the cold weather. I’ll be making some of these beautiful snowflakes!

Snowflake Garland

4. Tropical Pineapple Bunting by By Hand London: Like anything tropical? This pineapple garland brings a hint of that tropical feel to your home. [Note: all the crochet terms used in this pattern are UK terms, so check out this handy US/UK conversion chart at Knot Sew Cute!]

5. String of Hearts by Maggie Weldon, at Best Free Crochet: These dainty hearts will add sweet charm wherever you hang them!
6. Perfect Party Pennant Garland by Moogly: I love the idea of using this garland for a child’s bedroom or a living room. Moogly also has a complete crochet alphabet pattern, too.
Perfect Party Pennant Garlands - free #crochet pattern
7. Pumpkin Garland by Stacia, at Night Weather: As fall approaches, I’m beginning to dream of pumpkin pies and Jack O’Lanterns. Put a little fall into your decor with this cute pumpkin garland!
8. Summer Flower Bunting by Susan Carlson, at Felted Button: The simple elegance of these flowers is so refreshing, giving the garland a clean yet still colorful look.
9. Sea Shell Motifs/Garland by Lynne Samaan, at Ravelry: Missing the beach? Well, now you can bring the beach to you with this beach-y garland! I like the sand dollar motif.
10. A Garland of Stars by Ellen Bloom, at L.A. Is My Beat: These stars are so easy to make! I love all the different colors she used for her stars.
So many different designs to choose from, according to your personal style or preference! Have fun, and happy makings, friends!
What is your favorite way to use your crochet creations to decorate your home?

Weekly Gathering: 10 Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns!

Hello, fellow makers of all things yarn related! 🙂 I realized this week that I won’t be able to get my pattern roundups out until later in the week due to my college schedule, but never fear! My roundups will probably just be posted on Fridays or Saturdays, which in my opinion, helps give you weekend crochet inspiration! As fall is getting closer (more for my Northern friends than here in the South), it’s time to pull out the fall clothes and start layering. What better way to layer than with your own crocheted cardigan? So, let’s get down to business with these 10 awesome patterns!

10 Free Cardigan Crochet Patterns

1. Barcelona Jacket by Vashti Braha, at Caron (via the Internet Archive): I love the lacy details of this cardigan; perfect for a night out on the town!

2. Any Day Cardigan by Double Stitch Twins, at Red Heart: Available in a pdf format, this cardigan is actually on my to-make list!

Any Day Cardigan

3. Ruffled Cardigan by Treva McCain, at FaveCrafts: The ruffle edgings add a lot of flair to this simple pattern.

Ruffled Crochet Cardigan

4. Buttonless Cardigan, at Free Vintage Crochet: Think of all the stripes combinations you could do with this beauty of a pattern!


5. Top Down Crochet Jacket, at Lion Brand: Probably the most versatile of cardigan patterns in my roundup, this jacket is perfect for any occasion.

Top Down Crochet Jacket: fp cardi5

6. Flower Cardigan by Bernat, at Yarnspirations: The fact this cardigan has embroidered flower appliques makes me want to start this beautiful pattern right away!

7. Spring Mesh Cardigan by Ruth Seddon, at Ravelry: A free Ravelry download, this cardigan is perfect for in-between weather, whether it be for the fall or the spring.


8. Roundabout Cardigan by Kim Kotary, at Red Heart: This sweet cardigan is sure to add sophistication and class to your outfit.

Roundabout Cardigan

9. Cropped Cardi, at Lion Brand: Made in a circular fashion, this chic cardigan is a great topper for all those fall outings to the pumpkin patches and corn mazes.

Image of Round-About Cropped Cardi

10. Chevron Lace Cardigan by milobo, at Ravelry: The simple design of this crochet cardigan is sure to make this addition to your wardrobe the perfect accessory to any outfit, dressy or casual!

That’s all for today, friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to make a cardigan now. And drink some apple cider 🙂

Have you had any experience making an article of crocheted clothing? Tell me about it!