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Simply Chenille Cowl

As promised, I’m pleased (excited!) to share my newest free crochet pattern with you. I have fun coming up with new ideas to use up my slowly-diminishing yarn stash, and it gives me practice in my crochet design skills. [Note: if you find anything in my patterns that you don’t understand or that I didn’t explain, let me know!]

I’ve had some Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick that has been sitting very patiently just waiting for me to use it. Inspiration struck the other day, and I pulled out the chenille yarn and whipped up this lovely little cowl in just under 3 hours!

Simply Chenille Cowl


Isn’t it so thick and plush? I love the way it feels, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all! Perfect for the cold weather coming ever closer!

Simply Chenille Cowl Pattern

By Lauren Lasher

Simply Chenille Cowl

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9mm crochet hook

85-100 yards of chenille yarn (I used Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick in Purple, but any other chenille yarn, or even a bulky weight yarn, should work just as well! I can’t guarantee the yardage will be the same, however.)


ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

trc = treble crochet (US). To make a treble crochet, yarn over your hook twice, insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops on your hook, yarn over, pull through next two loops on your hook, yarn over one more time, and pull through last two loops on your hook. Look at that; you’ve made a treble crochet!

Pattern: [note: the first row is worked flat then seamed at the ends to make it round]

Ch 74.

Row 1: Work first trc in 4th ch from hook. Work one trc in each ch across to the end of the row. Use sl sts to join the two sides together, forming the round cowl shape.

Round 1(Row 2, if you prefer): Ch 4. Work one trc in each st around to end of round. Sl st in beginning trc.

Round 2 (Row 3, if you prefer): Ch 4. Work one trc in each st around to end of round. Sl st in beginning trc.

Round 3 is optional if you don’t want the edging. Just work one more round of treble crochet, then slip stitch to finish. Make it however wide you want!

Round 3(Row 4, if you prefer): [edging] Ch 3, *skip next 2 sts, sc in next st, ch 3* to end of round, ending with a sl st in last st.

That’s all there is to it, friends! As always, let me know if you come across any problems or have any questions! Just comment or you can find my contact info on my About Me page.

~Copyright Lauren L. 2014. I don’t mind if you use my patterns to sell items (just don’t sell the pattern itself), but I would appreciate it if you used your own pictures of what you’ve made on your website or listing. My pictures might not be very good, but they are mine!~


Leave me a comment! I love hearing from readers, and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

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